87-80 115th Street
Richmond Hill, New York 11418
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Specialty Book Marketing was formed in 1986 to provide publishers premium sales, bulk special sales, and marketing services to nontraditional outlets. The company expanded to include rights representation services and packaging, and established a boutique literary agency in 1988. We have worked with multinational companies, independents, and small presses. We continue to specialize in the management and exploitation of nonfiction illustrated intellectual property.

We help our clients maximize intellectual property licenses and sales through trend analysis, product positioning, brand expansion, packaging and publishing in all media. 


Specialty Book Marketing, Inc.
87-80 115th Street
Richmond Hill, New York 11418

Tel: 212-696-0415
Cell: 718-216-3511
eMail: Billbooky@aol.com  or WLCorsa@nyc.rr.com 

Please do not send unsolicited manuscripts by Mail or eMail.  

They will not be acknowledged or returned. See author representation for manuscript submissions procedure. We cannot respond to manuscript submissions sent without authorization. Please follow the query procedure for authorization.


We produce products to specification and purpose. We create products that help to promote services, companies, and brands. Our products can be used as premiums, traffic builders, loyalty rewards, gifts and incentives. We develop concepts or manage your project from concept to product. We offer complete project development and management services: product and market analysis, positioning, branding, editorial, design, production, and format analysis. 

Creating your product, whether it is an eBook, a Podcast, eZine, or a print product is only the beginning. We offer the components of successful publishing: market & sales analysis, sales projections and advice for promotion, publicity, marketing & sales, distribution, inventory & fiscal management and the tasks necessary to bring the publication to market. 

We have created products for direct sales companies, leading manufacturers, publishers and individuals. Our expertise in sales at point of interest in related markets will enhance your sales.


We specialize in the marketing and sale of nonfiction publications and intellectual property rights. We have long experience with illustrated military history and illustrated nonfiction in many subject categories. We provide rights representation in North America for international publishers as well as sales, marketing and consulting services. 

We represent companies, imprints and series by contract or special arrangement, 
We do not market individual titles.


Our literary agency is small and select. We will consider inquiries for:

* Children's, Middle Grade, and YA Nonfiction 
* special interest nonfiction, illustrated or not, provided the author is a credible authority or student of the subject matter and material is from primary sources.

You may inquire via email or hard copy via regular mail. 
Response time varies but please allow 4 to 6 weeks for us to reply.

How to address inquiries:


  • Please enter "MS inquiry - no code" into the subject line.
  • Include the information requested below and email to Billbooky@aol.com 



Specialty Book Marketing, Inc., 
87-80 115th Street
Richmond Hill, New York 11418

Please write:

  • "MS Inquiry - no code" on the bottom of the envelope. 

  • Include a postage paid return envelope if you want the material returned to you. 

  • Send copies only! 

  • Do not send any original material. 

  • ( We are NOT responsible for any unsolicited material sent to us and do not guarantee its return.) 

What to include in your inquiry:

CHILDREN'S BOOK INQUIRIES should include the following information:

1) Please describe your work. Is it a Picture Book, Chapter Book, Middle Grade
Reader, or Young Adult Fiction?
2) Tell us the age group you are writing for. 
3) What is the topic? Please give us a very brief synopsis.
4) Is there artwork? 
5) How many words is it? If paginated, how many pages? 
6) What books would you compare your work to? 
7) Is the manuscript poetry or prose? 
8) Are you confident in your grammar, punctuation, tense, and construction of your story? If rhyme, is the meter correct and constant? 
9) Do you have writing experience? 
10) Have you been published?

NONFICTION INQUIRIES should include the following information:

1) a brief synopsis of the topic 
2) your credentials (please note any previously published work)
3) the intended market for your book
4) length and number of illustrations (if any)
5) any comparable or competitive published work
6) the estimated time for completion of the manuscript

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