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Nonfiction, Philosophy, Esoteric Wisdom

Three Books of Occult Philosophy

by Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa von Nettesheim

A new translation by Michael Estell, PhD 
with commentary 
by Wooter Hanegraaff, Ph.D., Peter Forshaw, Ph.D.

A classic in esoteric and philosophical publishing, Agrippa’s De Occulta Philosophia Libri Tres has stood the test of time. First published in the early 1500’s in Latin, existing English translations are lacking.  Agrippa cautioned his readers that he had written in such a way that the prudent and intelligent would understand but the corrupt and unbelieving would not; underneath his own text there was a “scattered meaning” (dispersa intentio) that the wise would be able to extract and put together, finding in one place the principles that would reveal the true meaning of another passage where the significance was not evident. 


Three Books of Occult Philosophy is recognized as an intellectual master work. The current English edition is the Llewellyn paperback (978-0875428321) list price $49.95.  While favorably priced, the most common complaint of this edition is the archaic translation which dates to 1651, and has been updated with modern English spelling. This is recognized by scholars and esthetes as outdated. A new and more informed translation will be welcomed by a large, lively audience in search of ancient wisdom and eager to find the secrets hidden by Agrippa in his text. This new translation will be informed by a medieval Latin scholar well versed in the factors that most influenced thought in Agrippa’s medieval world: contextual (medieval) history, religion, and astrology, as well as the works of Lodovico Lazzarelli.  Translation, introduction, footnotes and citations provided by the foremost scholars of hermetic and esoteric studies, Dr. Michael Estell, Dr. Wooter Hanegraaff, and Dr. Peter Forshaw.


Nonfiction, Self Help, Inspiration

9 Keys To Creating A Healthier Relationship With Mortality
by Reverend Judith Johnson, D.S.S., Ph.D.

When we conjure up images of death, why is it we picture the Grim Reaper rather then the Bright Welcoming Light?  What was Steve Job’s seeing when he uttered his last words, “Oh wow, oh wow, oh wow!”  Combining Western Pragmatism with Eastern Buddhism the Reverend Dr. Judith Johnson provides a system for facing mortality and dealing spiritually and positively with the death taboo that exists in our culture. Dr. Johnson has endorsements from Marianne Williamson, Arianna Huffingtom, and Prof. Robert Thurman, with others to come.  Her first book, The Wedding Ceremony Planner (Sourcebooks 2013) has sold over 50,000 copies.  She is a tireless promoter.  She is a counselor and life coach and she writes for Huffington Post.

Nonfiction, Writing Instruction for Broadcast and Internet

Shorter Sharper & Stronger 

by Mervin Block

Four properties by Merv Block are available. 

The classic work in the field, Block’s Writing Broadcast News has only been available as a text the past 6 years.  Now, trade rights are available, along with rights to his other fine works that explain “the Block Method” of the art of writing shorter, sharper and stronger.  The following titles are available:


Writing Broadcast News

Broadcast News-writing

Writing News for TV and Radio

Rewriting Network News


Nonfiction, Natural Healing, Mind Body Spirit

(Five works)

by Dr. Bill Akpinar, MD, PhD, D.AC, DDS
and founder of UHSS 

Bill Akpinar, MD, DDS, Dr.Ac., Ph.D.
(Pain Management and Oriental Medicine),
known as Dr. Bill, has more Eastern and Western credentials that could be listed here.

Titles available:

            - Your Pain Is Real   (forthcoming)

            - Naturopathic & Spiritual Medicine, A Reference Guide (forthcoming)

            - No Sweat, Know Sweat - new revised edition

            - Seven Priceless Prescriptions For Health and Anti-Aging  - new revised edition

            - Qigong: Shaolin Yoga (also on DVD) - reprint

            - Zen and the Way of the Sword - reprint


More information about the healing and wellness works of Dr. Bill Akpinar will be available in the coming months.


EDITORS: for details, and full proposals please contact WLCorsa@nyc.rr.com
Telephone (212) 696 - 0415
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