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Nonfiction, True Crime

Case Files of
Peter Vallas, Expert Forensic Investigator

Unbelievable but true cases of murder, arson and more solved by the incomparable forensic investigator and consultant to the government and law enforcement agencies everywhere.

From the Casebook of Peter Vallas Associates, here are tales of arson, murder, fraud, and criminal acts so fiendishly clever the reader is amazed that Peter Vallas and his team of expert engineers, scientists and technicians can unravel them. Working with insurance agencies, high powered law firms, and law enforcement agencies on every level, Peter Vallas turns suspicions into convictions.  Vallas calls on his ingenuity, intuition and forensic acumen to unravel even the most ingenious plots.

Autobiography, Memoir, Funk Music History

The Life & Times of Dawn Silva, Queen of Funk.
Foreword by Sly Stone

Dawn’s career began with Sly & the Family Stone. A chance meeting at the Record Plant recording studio in Sausalito California would earn her a place on tour and recording with Sly & The Family Stone, Later she would spend a decade with George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic. She then headlined the chart topping Brides of Funkenstein and still performs today, keeping the Funk alive. This year she will be in the Funk Parade in Wash DC May 6 & at Woodstock 2017 in June in SF, CA

With a foreword by Sly Stone. Hundreds of pictures to choose from. This is the story of Funk Music and Dawn’s story of her triumph over misogyny and physical abuse. 
Narrative nonfiction, pop culture

Narrative Nonfiction, Pop Culture


My Time With Jimi Hendrix
by Jonathan Stathakis

Jimi and Jonathan work on a secret film project during the he last year and a half of Jimi’s tumultuous life.

Photographer and film maker Jonathan Stathakis was an insider in the Hendrix camp, photographing Jimi in the studio and at Woodstock (the iconic ‘fringe jacket’ picture is his) as well as collaborating on the developing film treatment. Jonathan witnessed many events misinterpreted in the press and by some biographers.  His personal conversations with Jimi are recounted and challenge misconceptions about Hendrix - his growing distrust of his management, his desire to do new and creative things rather than go out and “play the hits” and his desire to create the film whose audio would be all his on guitar.  “I can make my guitar speak” he tells Jonathan.  Only Jonathan knows the details of the Avril project.

Through Woodstock, Band of Gypsies, meeting artists like Paul Butterfield and Miles Davis, Jimi’s eclectic entourage and ‘Electric Ladies’, friction with management, a kidnapping, pressure from the Black Panthers, the building of Electric Ladyland and up to the day of Hendrix death, Jonathan Stathakis tells an intimate story of a unique part of Jimi Hendrix at his best, as one of the most creative and talented rock musicians of all time in the tumult of the end of the 1960’s. 

A full presentation is available.

Nonfiction, Health, Wellness, Fitness

How To Maintain Your Body’s Hidden Architecture To Reduce Pain and Move Free and Easy

by Joanne Avison, KMI, CTK, IASI E-RYT500, CMED

A groundbreaking work in fitness and daily health. Joanne Avison explains the hidden world of body architecture, the science of body movement, and the critical role of the body-wide myofascial system. Fascia clinics will soon be part of every yoga, Pilates and fitness regimen. Learn how to tone your fascia to alleviate chronic pain, improve flexibility, and facilitate pain free movement. 

EDITORS: for details, and full proposals please contact WLCorsa@nyc.rr.com
Telephone (212) 696 - 0415
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